Recover with Physiotherapy

Highly personalized approach to physical therapy.

Experience faster and complete targeted recovery.

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Recover with Physiotherapy

Highly personalized approach to physical therapy.

Experience faster and complete targeted recovery.

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Personalized Physiotherapy for Full Recovery

Experience a highly personalized approach to physical therapy.

Our Medical Clinic, works very closely with the state-of-the-art Performance Lab at ISD Sports Science. We use advanced sports science technology for measurements, performance improvement and recovery to deliver highly personalized physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy at ISD Sports Science is aligned with each person’s specific condition and goals, for a faster targeted recovery.

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"I integrate science-backed movement techniques with targeted manual treatments to alleviate fear of movement stemming from past injuries and correct movement dysfunctions caused by lifestyle habits or experiences. By enabling the body's natural healing processes and empowering my clients with education and self-management techniques where appropriate, I aim to help them take control of their issues and achieve lasting results."

- Hayd’n Hill, Lead Sports Physiotherapist & Rehabilitation Specialist.

Hayd’n Hill

Lead Sports Physiotherapist, Rehabilitation Specialist, & Medical Director

Hayd’n Hill brings over 10 years of international experience working with world-renowned athletes, sports teams and Olympic and Sports Science centers in Asia, South Africa, Europe and the UAE helping athletes regain freedom of movement without pain or fear.

His experience spans multiple areas of sports and exercise physiotherapy, sports science, sport-specific rehabilitation and recovery to ensure an optimal return to play and performance.


Sports Physiotherapy
Pain Management
Dry Needling
Blood Flow Restriction Training

Injuries Hayd'n Specializes In

Ankle Ligament Injuries

Specialized physiotherapy for ankle ligament injuries aids recovery, relieves pain, improves mobility, and restores an active lifestyle.

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ACL Injuries in the Knee

Hayd'n specializes in treating ACL injuries in the knee and promote recovery, reduce pain, enhance mobility, and restore an active lifestyle.

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Rotator Cuff Injuries

Specialized physiotherapy for rotator cuff injuries facilitates recovery, alleviates pain, improves shoulder mobility, and restores an active lifestyle.

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Why ISD Sports Science?

Sports Science Expertise

Our specialists will guide you through your recovery with advanced sports science therapies

Accelerated Recovery

We calibrate your recovery plan to accelerate your return to sport, work or life

Advanced Pain Reduction

We use progressive therapies to get you moving and experiencing life pain free



45 Minute Session

AED 495

60 Minute Session

AED 540

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We accept all major insurance

Noor Takaful
Takaful Emarat
Oman Insurance Company
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Rutuja TRutuja T
16:52 12 Dec 21
Time for BIG SHOUT OUT for dr. Athika Chettiar 💖I was suffering from PCOD since 5 years, I had only a few days in month where I did not have symptoms. Sudden weight gain, fatigue, lethargy and emotional swings followed over the months. Since 1 year I was in a very bad state, pain in abdomen, hair started to become dry and thin, weight gain increased, sleep was disrupted and I was finiding it difficult to sleep enough this lead to a cycle .I consulted with Dr. Athika 6 months ago, she analysed my prakruti, did pulse diagnosis Which is so accurate to my Medical reports which I had done one year before consulting her and told me that I need to avoid a certain food types and gave me diet plan. (only diet and proper medication is solutionfor PCOD). She also gave recommendations for my daily routine. Prescribed herbal supplements and Ayurvedic therapies. I have deligently followed and now after 3 months my hair feels better and smooth, I dropped 4kgs in 1 month, I am sleeping better. Her recommendations also included me seeing more like minded people has changed my perspective towards myself and life. Special thanks to #iwd 💓 I have now connected with so many positive ladies here..She definitely helped me control my stress and manage it efficiently. Moreover thanks to my insurance I was able to cover the expenses through reimbursement and now I am a better version of myself 💞
Phil ParkinsonPhil Parkinson
12:32 20 Sep 21
The quality of physiotherapy in Dubai is laughingly poor. Every year I see 2 more and promise myself I'll never do that again as they never seem to do anything to actually solve the problem. Kurt at Eupepsia is the best physio I've found here so far. He knows his stuff inside out and works really hard to get your body back in working order. Highly recommend
prashanti patilprashanti patil
11:19 16 Sep 21
Had a rejunivating time at Eupepsia. Never felt so relaxing and wonderful the I time spent at the center. Will surely recommend Dr. Athika. I had great help to solve my issues which I was facing from few year. She talked to me as a friend but helped me as a doctor. Really a good soul and highly talented. Loved it.
Jake GaleaJake Galea
11:57 23 Aug 21
Worked with Kurt Micallef for a week to prepare me for the coming season. We focused on strength and conditioning, perfecting my movements to be able to replicate them in training and competitions as well as tending to my injuries and mobility issues. It would also be negligent of me not to mention the state of the art equipment available at the clinic!!
Siddharth SalianSiddharth Salian
08:54 21 Aug 21
Currently undergoing physiotherapy and rehabilitation for a torn ACL at eupepsia and it’s been a wonderful experience, the physiotherapists Fatima and Kurt are extremely knowledgeable in their field, they provide an excellent experience and are highly accommodative of your requirements. Will definitely recommend them for any sort of injury requiring physio. Top class service!